Services Offered: Tank Repair (In-service / Off-hire)

  • Frame Structure / Welding
  • Cladding & Insulation
  • Tank Shell Treatment (Manual / Robogrind System) – Polishing & Passivation / Grinding
  • Periodical Testing (Air / Hydro)
  • X-Ray / Dye Penetrant Test
  • Sandblasting
  • Tank Modification & Refurbishment
  • Tank Inspection (On-hire / Off-hire / Cleanliness)
  • Emergency Response (Overseas / Local Job Attendance)


TANK REPAIR: Robogrind Interior Tank Shell Treatment System

Singapore’s depot is also the first in Asia to bring in 4 units of the latest repair technology since 2011 – Robogrind Interior Tank Shell Treatment System, for interior tank shell polishing and grinding repair.

Robogrind is a first-of-its-kind mechanical device that performs automated, computer-calibrated grinding work on the inside of a tank container to mitigate the effects of corrosion. This automation provides cost-effectiveness, labour and time reduction for polishing and grinding a tank. The results? A beautiful internal shell with smooth finishing.


Mr. Rickard Gonera
Managing Director
+65 6863 3067 / +65 9611 8604