Singapore (RHO) – Obtained Approved Cleaning Station & Depot Accreditation by @TCO (Asia Tank Container Organisation)


Nov 2011: Obtained Approved Cleaning Station & Depot Accreditation by @TCO (Asia Tank Container Organisation)

After attending the seminar of @TCO in Singapore on 23 Jun 11, Kerry-ITS is all ready for the depot audit by @TCO’s appointed third party Class Surveyor, Mr Neo Beng Lee, from Unitimes. An audit was conducted in Singapore Regional Head Office of Kerry-ITS on 8 Jul 11.

On 8 Nov 2011, Kerry-ITS Terminal Pte.Ltd., the first depot to be successfully audited and passed the stringent depot audit scheme set by the @TCO, hence recognized as one of the Approved Cleaning Station and Repair Depot. Mr William Loh, our Managing Director received the first plaque from Mr. Reginald Lee, @TCO’s President during the first @TCO general meeting in Shanghai, which has begun a new chapter for global standard and well organized depot in Asia.

@TCO depot audit scheme is being launched by @TCO (The Asia Tank Container Organization), which was established in February 2011 is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting tank container usage, while highlighting the advantages over other modes of liquid distribution particularly its safety and environmentally responsible record. The scheme is highly welcomed by chemical producers due to the reason of assurance seeking that their consignments are going to be carried in tanks that have been prepared with highest standard.

Hence, the accreditation of @TCO will establish the image of standardization and well organized depot with emphasize on the importance of safety and environmentally responsible for Kerry-ITS, which in turn boost up the confidence of stakeholders towards us.

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