Laem Chabang, Thailand – Obtained Approved Cleaning Station & Depot Accreditation by @TCO (Asia Tank Container Organisation)

KERRY-ITS (THAILAND) CO LTD / บริษัท เคอรี่-ไอทีเอส (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด

Feb 2012: Obtained Approved Cleaning Station & Depot Accreditation by @TCO (Asia Tank Container Organisation)

After our Singapore RHO has received the accreditation by @TCO on 8 Nov 2011, Kerry-ITS (Thailand) has been the second depot to be audited. The audit was conducted on 30 Dec 2011.

In order to be in line with global quality depot standard, Kerry-ITS (Thailand) Ltd., which is located in Laem Chabang of Thailand joined its Regional Head Office to be audited and passed the scheme successfully. The second plaque was presented to Francis Loh, Regional Operations and Marketing Director of Kerry-ITS Holdings, by Mr. Mike Broadhurst, Vice-President of TAL International and one of @TCO’s directors on 13 Feb 2012. Kerry-ITS targets to have (Kerry-ITS (Kandla) to receive the same accreditation by the end of year 2012.).

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