Kerry-ITS Contingency Plan in matter of COVID-19 Outbreak


We have submitted and received Approval for the Application for Exemption from Suspension of Business Activities.
Please rest assure that our depot operations continue as per normal working hours. Separation of teams, stagger working hours and safe distancing measures have been implemented. Office employees will be working from home, please contact us through our respective email*, and we shall try our best to respond as soon as possible.
*You may refer to the respective Products and Services on our website, to check the email of our respective Teams.

  1. At Kerry-ITS, while we take up every measure to prevent an outbreak in our workplaces, regular contact with one another or business associates is inevitable. A person who has fever or symptoms like coughing and breathlessness may not be infected with COVID-19. However, he should be advised to consult a doctor as soon as possible. If the doctor has reason to suspect COVID-19 infection, the person will be referred for further tests and deemed to be a suspect case.
  2. This Contingency Plan serves as a guideline outlining our organisation’s plan ahead in case a virus outbreak in our workplaces, and our plans to minimise disruption to our operations and ensure business remains viable during the most unfortunate event.
  3. Our employees in the Singapore Regional Head Office will be segregated into departments and then group or cluster in order to minimize risk of exposure to the majority of our employees by:
    • Avoiding frequent close physical contact; and
    • Facilitate faster contact tracing in case required.
  4. In case our Management becomes aware that someone at its workplace is a confirmed or suspect case. The person could be an employee, or other personnel employed by our clients, suppliers or contractors. Once they are aware, our Management will provide the following:
  5. Provide timely information to clients and employees on latest developments;
  6. Reassure clients and employees of the measures being taken to ensure their well-being at the workplace;
  7. Show care and concern to persons who are either confirmed or suspected to have been infected with COVID-19;
  8. Coordinate with our client, supplier or contractor to manage their employees, if applicable; and
  9. Cooperate and provide assistance to the Ministry of Health wherever necessary.
  10. We will notify and keep our clients updated in case of any contingency event that may happen, in the worst scenario affecting work schedules.
  11. Full wordings of our Contingency Plan is attached for your reference. This Contingency Plan will be revised from time to time without prior notice as the COVID-19 situation develops.
  12. Hope this Contingency Plan Guideline serves useful reference to you.





Thank you and take care.